Moving one frame affects another?

I have created an animation by hand, so to speak, not by tweening. I have a drawing which I copy from the first frame and then I paste it into the next and so on and so on. Then I move each of them so I get the animation. Using onion skin, that works well. Lots of work, but it works.
Anyway, while playing back, I notice that it skips and jumps at certain intervals. I check those and see that a frame has been moved out of place - frame 71 to be exact. I move it back into place. And then I see that frame 120 jumps out of place. I move it back. Then frame 71 is out of place. Move it back only to see frame 120 out of place. And so on forever and ever.
Now, what is this? Why do these two frames seems to affect each other? What’s the logic in this?

I am not sure whether they should be called frames or cells, but I prefer to call them frames as I think of a timeline consisting of frames, being used to edit video, so I hope you understand.

Switch over to the exposure sheet and take a look at that element at the frames that seem to be connected. Every frame that is supposed to be independent should have a uniquely named cell based on how you are describing your animation technique. But if you have two frames that are using the same cell (identically named) then if you change that cell at any frame it will also change it at all frames to which it has been assigned. Cells are individual drawings, frames are instances in time. One is an object while the other is just a reference point.

You didn’t mention if you were keyframing your drawings as your method of moving them. So I assumed that you are copy and pasting cells creating a new cell with each paste. But if you are also using keyframes you could have copied and pasted a keyframe which is causing the two frames to appear to be linked. Their display properties are being controlled by the same keyframe parameter. Hope this gives you some clues. -JK

Again, yes, that gave me some clues, indeed! I will check that out later as well, and no, I haven’t keyframed it from the start, but then I added motion to it and with that I added keyframes. Perhaps that is the reason why, although I don’t see why it should affect the position of the drawing itself. The motion is moving the cell, isn’t it, while when I position the drawing in each individual frame and these two things shouldn’t influence each other, or?

Well, I thing the first suggestion makes sense, so I will check it out later tonight. Thanks again!

OK, now I have checked and you guessed correctly - they have the same names. But what is the solution? I tried to rename it, but then I just renamed both. I tried to delete the drawing and paste a new copy, but that didn’t help either, so what do I have to do? delete everything from where the duplicates starts and start all over from there? (This is in the beginning of a project so that wouldn’t be so disastrous and I have created it in order to learn.

No, you’re thinking too hard. Right click on the cell at the second frame location and from the context menu choose Duplicate Drawing, that creates a uniquely named cell from your original and does not effect the original. -JK

Haha! Thinking too hard ;D I am just trying to think at all :wink:

Anyway, that was the trick!

If there only was a way to do that in a batch on multiple drawings, it would have been great, but now I am able to move on, at least:) Great! And many thanks!

Hello. I’m having the same problem. Is there a way to duplicate multiple frames correctly? Because when I try to do that, the frames with the same name are renamed with identical numbers. It has no sense.