moving of object

How to copy the objects without the such spaces?

How did you create the art and what steps did you take to get to the stage in the final image?

I am thinking that you selected Cut and Paste instead of Copy and Paste if you only had one piece and a hole fitting it perfectly in the end.

If you had selected Copy, when you then chose Paste you would have ended up with two green spots…one in the original location and one slightly offset.

When I try to copy I get this result

Please describe it step by step.

Are you using menus or keyboard shortcuts?

Please provide every detail.

All is simple

I make the background and object

I want to move and copy this object

And when i want to delete the initial object that is formed in a

What is the reason?

I asked you to describe each step. You have given broad generalizations for responses. If you want help you will have to provide more information.

It is necessary to see every detail to determine what you are doing wrong.

I need to see it like this:

  1. I did this (exactly)
  2. I selected that (exactly)
  3. I then did this (exactly)

You are obviously doing something wrong. In order to get the result you are getting you have to be choosing to cut and paste rather than copy and paste.

You have not even answered this question:
Are you using keyboard short cuts or menu selections?

If you cannot provide this information then good luck to you.

I use the menu selections

What do you select before choosing copy and paste?

Are you clicking anywhere on the artwork? If so, where exactly are you clicking?

Are you selecting the Drawing layer in the Timeline window?

Is all of this on the same Drawing Layer?

Is all of this on the same Drawing Layer?

Yes - and must somehow different?

I’d really like to help but getting all of the information I need from you is taking more effort than it might take to figure out your problem.

The User Guide|_____0

Copy and Paste (WIKI):

I initially learned a lot from this two-part video. It covers enough to get you going. Watching the two all the way to the end might reveal something you did not realize.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Maybe this video will help:

Good luck.

1)i want to clone the object

and getting here is a hole

2)I want to duplicate the object

and getting here is a hole too

What is it?

I think I see the problem now. Are you taking a step to paste the object after you select Clone or Duplicate? If not, all you have done is made a copy and held it in memory without placing the copy in the scene. When you go to move the blob believing it is a copy all you will end up doing is essentially dragging the original from its location. Thus you leave a hole and have only one object in the scene instead of a 2nd.

As a general rule “Copy, Clone, Duplicate” are first steps always followed by a second step “Paste.”

Let’s approach this differently.

Do not draw everything on one Drawing Layer and instead make a scene with each object on a separate Drawing Layer. By having everything on its own separate Drawing Layer nothing can accidentally cut something else.

  1. Create a Drawing Layer and draw the large rectangle.

  2. Create another Drawing Layer and make the circular blob.

  3. Select the Drawing Layer containing the circular blob by using the Select Tool and dragging the mouse cursor to include the entire blob. (Make sure you are selecting the area around the blob outline and not just the filling inside the lines.

  4. From the top menu bar Edit => Clone Element

  5. Again from the top menu bar Edit => Paste Element (<= this is the step I think you have not taken all along).

Result: You will have a 2nd blob slightly offset on top of the original. Drag that to the side. You should not have a single object with a hole. You should have the background rectangle and two identical blobs.

(NOTE: You and I are using different versions of Studio so the items are not named exactly the same in certain menus. Version 5 Clone = Version 7 Copy)

OK i understand

Now i have a next question

How to connect this background layer

with the layer circle

What do you want to accomplish by connecting the two objects?

You can select both Drawing Layers in the TImeline and click on the Add Peg button. This will automatically create a Peg parenting the two selected layers.

The two objects are both separate and one.

This way you can animate them as one object.