Moving objects

Hi, this is probably not a new question, but I will ask it all the same:

If I copy an object and paste it as new object, the original object in the previous key frame will also move in the camera view whenever I move the new object.

Is there a way to move the new object in the camera view without moving the original one?

There are actually a couple ways to do it.
If you want to copy a drawing object then manipulate it without changing the previous drawing- then copy in the ‘drawing’ window not from the ‘timeline’.

or, you can set keyframes- right click on a key, from the drop down menu choose keyframe… remember, to change only the drawing on a particular frame you must be in the camera view and using the scene planning tools. Also, don’t forget to set a keyframe on the previous frame before adding a keyframe to the key you want to change

Here are two easy to follow tutorials that I believe will significantly assist you in better understanding some important fundamental concepts of animating in TBS.

My advice is to pay particular attention to the concept of the “physical” cell and it’s relationship to the concept of the frame as a position in time.

Your current issue of copy and paste indicates that you are not separating these two very different things in your work process. You must copy and paste to a new unique cell different from the original cell if you want the drawings to be independent, otherwise you are just increasing the number of exposures of the same cell in the timeline.

I highly recommend both these tutorials for anyone using TBS, as they are really packed with valuable conceptual and technical information. Work back and forth through the slide shows several times and I guarantee your TBS proficiency will take a major leap forward.-JK

Toon Boom Fundamentals The Basics Part 1

Toon Boom Fundamentals The Basics Part 2

Thanks for the above comments. They have been very useful to me!

Regards, MJ

I have been using ToonBoom for years, since version 2.5, and I have the same problem since changing to version 6. If I am working in the Xsheet and I want to paste the same drawings from one place to another, they get new names, which makes it very hard to keep track of everything. For example I would like to copy drawing 6 on frame 12 and paste the same drawing on frame 124. Now I have a new name for the same drawing on frame 124 when all I want to do is repeat drawing 6. It’s a mess. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this happen before. Is there something in preferences? Thanks.

This is a newly discovered bug in version 6.0. We are working on fixing it and releasing an update to address it.

Until then, you can copy paste in the Timeline and it should work as expected.

Thanks. It helps to know! When do you think there will be a fix? That’s a pretty big and obvious bug, and the software has been out for months. In the meantime, I will have to go back to version 4.5 that I was using before.

No need to do that, there is a work around.

As I found that if I copied an object from the time-line and pasted in the time-line, the object at both places are teh exact same instance, so that if you change one, it changes the other.

I found that copying from the time-line, and then pasting it into the drawing area instead (you obviously have to select the new point you intend to paste to, but ensure teh drawing area is active) creates the same object, but different instances. So thus, changing one does not affect the other.

I’m glad it’s been flagged as a bug though, as it’s a pain. Looking forward to the fix.

Thanks, that works well.

Note to Simon TBS: Actually this may be considered as a bug or as a functionality enhancement and I would hope that before it is changed, that it be given some time to be evaluated. I’m not sure it wouldn’t be beneficial to be left exactly as it currently is working.

As far as functionality goes there is an easy way to replicate a cell into other frame positions on the exposure sheet. Simply go to the desired frame position in the x-sheet, click on it, and type in the desired cell number. That assigns the desired cell to that frame exposure. No copy and paste is needed and no new cell is created. And you don’t need to switch to the Timeline to do this.

As to the copy of a cell name and pasting that name into a new frame position and getting a newly named cell that is an exact copy of the pasted cell name, that is a very nice enhancement as it allows an animator to make a quick and unique copy of a previously drawn cell that can then be slightly modified from the original and this process is very useful when doing straight ahead animating. -JK

I don’t think it is an enhancement at all. We have always had “duplicate” which does exactly what you are describing, giving it a new name. If I want to copy a whole section of drawings from place to another - I should be able to edit the exposure sheet keeping the exact text as a copy and paste, and not be creating a completely new set of drawings. To type each one individually would take a lot of time. Imagine trying to repeat a 30 drawing section.

The workaround using the timeline will be sort of ok, but I am not as comfortable working with the timeline, because I can’t see the drawing names there. I have to look in the exposure sheet for that, while guessing with my clicks in the timeline.

So because of the redundancy - two ways to do the duplicate drawings, and a clumsy and inexact way to copy and paste the same drawings, I’d call this a bug.

A valid point. It definitely is a change from previous versions. Fortunately in TBS there are many ways to skin the cat, so this certainly isn’t a problem either way. -JK