moving object while drawing it using ellipse tool or rectangle tool


can anyone tell me if there is any shortcut or function which I can use to move the position of the object while I am drawing it using ellipse or rectangle tool?

in adobe illustrator, I can hold down spacebar to adjust the position of the shape while drawing it, does TBH have the similar function?

thank you!

for reference, please watch this video ( start from 0:21 to 0:36)

is there a similar function in toon boom harmony?

Dont really understand how you mean.

If you want to move a an objetct you can select it ( ALT+S) and move it by hand or arrows.
Please explain more or send a ref image/ movie.

Thank you for your reply, I have updated my question with a youtube video link for reference.

Great feature.

I work much in illustrator but I did not know this.

As far as I know this is not possible in Harmony but it would be a good feature to add.

/ Mattias

Yes, it still works with pen tool, draw and adjust at the same time, very efficient!