Moving multiple points simultaneously in drawing view?

Howdy all!
This is a drawing question but I figured I’d post it here seeing as this is where most of the activity happens.
Basically I was wondering if there is any way in Toon Boom to select multiple points in a line and MOVE THEM ALL AT THE SAME TIME. From what I can tell so far it’s possible to select multiple points using the ‘contour editor’ but as soon as I try and move them all only one point will move with the cursor. Any help or suggestions?

i guess that’s a no.

Chalkie -

I use TBS in Mac 10.2 and if I choose multiple points using the contour editor I can move them all by dragging one. There are points (blue boxes, white when selected) and bezier handles, however (red). If you grab one of those you lose your selection.

Don’t know why it would be different for you. Good luck.