Moving more than one element


I have recently bought toonboom and started to use for the very first time a few days ago.

But ran into the problem of not being able to select more than one element at once and then being able to moving all of them at the same time.

I don’t know if its me just being thick but I thought that this would be so simple.

Can someone please help me its really furstrating me now.

It might be useful and informative if you would describe what you are trying to accomplish in wanting to move multiple elements as a group. This certainly can be done by attaching the elements to a peg. One of the purposes of pegs in TBS is to facilitate element groupings. But perhaps by your telling us more we can uncover larger issues and be more helpful. -JK

for temporarily moving (or manipulating in any other way) of a certain amount of elements there is a feature ‘group’.

one must select elements, either by ctrl-a (for all elements in the cell) or by selecting each single element while holding the ‘shift’ button.

then ctrl-g will group them together.

to ungroup select the group (it’s then enough to select any part if it), then ctrl-shift-g will do the reverted action.



The explnation on the group tool was exactly what I need to know.