Moving mass amounts of timeline frames around

I’m working with animations that are 2000+ frames long (single scene). When we translate our slides into other languages, we need to move keyframed actions around (typically further down the timeline). I wish the “Split timeline” feature worked the way I want it to. This is how I’d like it to work: I left click the top of 50+ layers on frame 200, hold shift and click the bottom right of the 50 layers on frame 1800. Then scoot them down to start at frame 240.

Right now, that functionality does not work. Shift clicking while using split windows produces unpredictable timeline selections on my Windows 7 pc. My work around is that I use only one view of the timeline, left click the bottom right layer at frame 1800, move the slider bar so I can see frame 200, then left click the top left layer and then move it to 240. And then I have to slide back to 1840 and repeat the same type of method.

If shift clicking between the split timeline views is not possible, another thing that would be nice would be to left click all the layers at frame 200 and then have an option like “Select from current frame to end of timeline” so everything to the right becomes highlighted and easy to move. Then, I could move everything 40 frames down the timeline easily, without have to worry about shifting my frames and losing something or going through the hassle of scrolling the slider to the end of the timeline all the time.

Does anyone know how to do what I’m asking or Toon Boom, could you please fix this bug/ add it as a feature? Thanks.

I’m using Harmony 12 Advanced, but I’ve also used Animate, Animate Pro and Harmony Premium. I think this feature would be beneficial in all those programs.

Auto lip syncing long amounts of audio doesn’t work very well for me, so I break the audio down by making 10 or 15 duplicate copies of the audio layer, and then deleting all but 200 to 400 frames worth of audio. When I lip sync smaller portions like that, the auto-detecting software works a lot better. It would be AMAZING if we could easily shift select from frames 300 to 500 and then have a feature like “Select inverse portion of timeline” and then delete everything prior to 300 and after 500. Or if programming an inverse selection feature is too complex, like I said earlier, it would be nice to select a frame and then “Select from current frame to end of timeline” or “Select from current frame to beginning of timeline”. This would save me a LOT of time and timeline sliding.