Moving linecurves and drawing under influence of a deformer.

Moving line-curves and drawing under influence of a deformer:

If you have a rig and start changing the values of it. All the drawings connected to the rig is following, leaving a strange relationship to the actual drawings original placement.
Is it possible to have a non distorted view of the drawing?

I have submitted an image to portray the issue.
Look at the facials, and notice how the controllers are way of.

Best regards Troes


if you display the drawing in the Drawing View (not the Camera View) it will be shown without any deformation.

Thank you, of course that is the obvious way, but far the most intuitive way of working.

Then you have to compare with the actual deformation in the camera view while drawing.

If you have a mirrored/negated scale, stretched or squashed deformation in the rig, it makes the Drawing View useless.

Hi Troels

Going into the drawing tools will indeed show your original drawing at the location where it was created. You will not be able to edit the deformed drawing. One solution could be to either move your items with a peg (when displacing an element with a peg, it will be visible at the correct location) and then deform it. You still won’t be able to see the deformed drawing when you edit it, but at least it won’t be so far off.

Another potential solution would be to bake your deformed drawings to a brush vector drawing. You need to select your drawing and then go the Animation menu, then Deformation / Convert to New Drawing and Add Deformation Chain. This will convert your drawing and add a new deformation matching the one that positionned your drawing to begin with.

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