Moving layers

I have a problem, I want to move a layer up so it appears behind some other images but I cannot move it to where I want it to go.
First of all I tried duplicating a layer because the artwork was going to be the same but at a different layer level. This duplicated layer came from a layer under a peg - child of the peg. When it formed the new layer, the new layer was also under the peg so I dragged it out from under it and it went to the bottom of my layers. I wanted to move it about three layers up from the bottom but could not do so.

So…I deleted the new layer and tried another way. This time I made a new layer which formed again at the bottom of my layer stack. I then cut and pasted the artwork into it - all well and good. But then I couldn’t move the layer to where I wanted it.

I can move it above my master (peg) layer so long as it is not next to it - directly above it. As soon as I move it directly above it, it jumps right to the bottom. I can’t move it anywhere below the peg layer.

Why is this happening? Why can’t I move this layer?

First of all, I understand you are in Animate Pro 2. If is ok, you have a powerful organizing tool, the network view. If you manage your layers from here, you have more fexibility in comparation with the timeline, You can move your layers if function to the composite module connection, moving to the left or to the right these connections and bring to front or send to back the layers individually, similar to locate up or down layers in timeline as is normal procedure in Animate. The composite module can preserve the absolute position of the modules connected in it, or flatten the art output. You can order layers in one or more composite modules connected in hierarchy as rigged templates do, as example to compose complex scenes. The position front or back of layers can be affected in order to preserve the absolute FB position, or flatten these layers trough its composite module. Effects can also show different in timeline in its top-bottom position. The module hierarchy of the drawing modules and pegs are defined by the connections in the top or the bottom of each one (little squares, green for transformation modules or blue, for drawing modules. And finally, a third form to locate the FB of each layer is using the top or side views, an you can see the layer content in front or back in a very little increments without change the actual top-bottom timeline position. Is a more elaborated 3D positioner than others 2D software. You can see all this topics in the video tutorials avaiables in this web page. Hope that helps.