Moving Layers

I typically have no problem moving layers on the TBA timeline.
But sometimes, like now, layers won’t move, for whatever reason.
Any suggestions?
~ Justin

Have you accidently hid the padlock icon to lock the layer?

Nope. Every time I try to drag it to a line a few layers down, it just ignores my move. Other layers are moving OK.

Do you use a lot of pegs or are you working a lot with the Network View in Animate Pro? Sometimes it can be very tricky to move stuff and it will jump to another place or not move at all.
You could try moving everything else below or above the layer that won’t move and see if that works.

Is there an e-mail address I can send screenshots to?

You might be trying to move it to a place where it can’t go. Can you link to a screenshot of the timeline? Are you in Animate or Animate Pro? If you’re in AP, link the Network view as well.


You can just upload your screenshot to a free site like Photobucket, then post the link to it here.