Moving Keyframes Across Layers


I am trying to move frames from one layer to another. The problem I am running into is that when [Shift] + drag the frames into a different layer, they change into different frames.

For example, if the frames on layer A are labeled frames #30-40 on the x-sheet, and I move it to layer B, the frames on layer B display the #30-40 keyframes of layer B. I want to move Layer A’s #30-40 keyframes onto layer B, but what displays is Layer B’s #30-40 keyframes.

How do I resolve this? I am not doing character rigging, just traditional 2d frame by frame. I don’t use the x-sheet that frequently but that is the best way I know how to describe the issue I am having.

Thank you


Great description! :slight_smile:

That’s how Harmony’s substitution drawing transfer from one drawing node to another works.

If the target node doesn’t have any substitition drawings named like the substitition drawings to paste yet, the substitutions drawings of node A will be duplicated to node B.

If node B already has existing substition drawings named like the substitition drawings to import, it will expose it’s own existing ones.