Moving in the Z direction

1st of all, thanks for the great tutorials. Very helpful.

I’m using Animate 2 PLE and I am having a problem that is driving me crazy.

When I move a layer in the z direction (1 F for example) the layer is also moving in the x & y direction although those coordinates still read 0.00

I’m sure there is something basic I’m missing.


OK after some fooling around I see that the layer is moving towards the camera center. Technically it only moving in the Z direction.

I guess my question is how do you get a true 2D camera?


the point of z depth is to so layers move at different speeds when the camera moves.

If you are just moving in z to change layer order in a character, you need to micronudge (the smallest increment possible) so this effect isn’t seen.

Yes I see the advantages of having the camera behave this way.

I guess a very small nudge is the only way to go.



Thanks for bringing that up.

I was getting no results with that the first time I tried (forgot to mention that in the original post).

Just tried it now and yes that works.

thank you.

You realise that just reordering the layers changes the order and gives you the true 2D camera right?

Yes I do.

Thank you.

You can also use the Maintain Size tool (located in the Advanced Animation toolbar) to move elements back and forth in z-depth without adjusting their position within the camera.