Moving harmony project between two machines

I have a student license at home, and am working on a computer at school that has its own license. How do I use a thumb drive to move the project back and forth and not lose anything? TIA

Just save as to the flash drive location. But rename it awith a date so it is recognized and you leave a safe back up on the comp. Dont work off the flash drive though. Always copy the project to main drive but save a copy to the flash. When you save to a location the software takes care of everything. If you try to grab and drag it without knowledge of all the components you will have a partial project on the drive.

Thanks! I didn’t want to get to school and not have what I need!

I use Google drive. Set up my project there and between two locations I release my license and pick it up at the other location and the project has updated on Google drive. I am sure you could do this with Dropbox or other cloud services.