Moving from Trial Version to Full ... is your work lost?

Hello Everyone!

Does anyone know the answer?

I am currently using a trial version of Toon Boom Studio. I do think I will purchase the full version, but have been really testing it out with hours and hours of work with it. I want to make sure it is right for me. BUT, will all the work that I have done already be lost when I switch to the full version? Does everything still have watermarks all over it? Templates? Can I use the ones I make before moving to the full version?

Anyone know?


If you are enjoying the TBS trial version then you really should get the full version. Unfortunately, having been a while since I used the trial version, I checked the downloads page and found this disclaimer:

"*Please note that the projects done with this trial version cannot be reused in the commercial one."

Perhaps Ugo can offer a more comprehensive response.

Thanks … after posting I did a little more looking around and discovered this is the case. Thanks so much for your help.