Moving Element with Selection tool Warning

I think everyone has had the problem of moving elements on the timeline and realizing that one was using the Select tool instead of the Transform tool and having to undo undo undo. Especially for beginners it is not clear the difference between these tools (call me stupid but it’s was only when I saw JK’s site that the penny finally dropped).
As mentioned in that site, it is dangerous to adjust an element using the Select tool beyond the first frame, so maybe in the next version, TBS includes either warning pop-ups when one tries to move an element with the Selection tool after frame 1(of that element), or have a tick box in the Preferences that prevents one from doing this (ie “Selection Tool only active on First frame of Element”)

Does this make sense to anyone else?

Makes sense.

I’d even suggest that ToomBoom break up the Select/Transform/Scew/Motion tools into separate groups and mark some with a title along the lines of “Image Set Up”, “Animation & Motion”.