moving drawings to a different layer

What are the rules for moving a range of frames (containing drawings) to different layers? Sometimes the drawings either disappear from the screen or become substituted for other drawings in the scene after I move them.

Also, how do I keep the last drawing in that group of frames from extending across the timeline to the next drawing on the layer?

Thank you.

Thank you, Lilly!

When you move drawings or frames from one layer to another, what it’s doing is it’s simply copying the exposure of the drawings, not the drawings themselves. Just like, on one layer, you can copy and paste a cell, and what it does it is copies the exposure. So, let’s take this example

Layer 1: 1—3----4-----3-----5----
Layer 2: 1—2----3-----2-----1----

If I copy the exposure from layer 2 to layer 1, then what it will do is it will look to see whether Layer 1 has some drawings that are called 1, 2, and 3, and it will paste those drawings. If the drawing doesn’t exist, it’ll create an empty drawing with that name.

If you actually want to copy the artwork itself from one layer to another, then copy the exposure on the source layer. Then go to the destination layer, and do a Paste Special, Always Create Drawings.

For the extended exposure, do you mean on a copy and paste operation? If you do a Paste Special, and uncheck “Extend Exposure”, then it won’t fill the frames in.