moving complete peg

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Is there some way I can merge one peg consisting of some seven elements totaling 344 frames from one file into the beginning of another exiting file instead of having to move each individual element into the global library then moving each element from the library one by one into the other file ? I tried moving the peg into the library then into the other existing file via an element-add-media from which I got just one blank frame - I even tried extending the exposure to the 344 frame boundary - I only got 344 blank frames … I didn’t think it would work but it was worth a shot… any help would be greatly appreciated… thanks

Hi patndan,

You were almost there !

When you drag a peg to the library, all the elements attached to that peg are included. To retrieve the template in a new project, just drag it somewhere in the timeline. Since there are pegs inside that template, it cannot be dragged in the exposure sheet.


Hi -

Thanks for the quick reply. I did what I believe you said, I did a drag and drop of the peg I want to use in other files to the global library. To test it, I opened a new file and dragged the peg from the library to the timeline peg that was automatically created. I did an export movie (swf - seems to build faster) and it rendered 1 frame. The peg should be 344 frames. I then created a new peg and copied the global peg beneath it, again on the timeline - same result. I tried to copy it to anywhere i could on the timeline -to those places I could copy it, it rendered only 1 frame. I tried to expand the copied peg to the full 344 frames on the timeline but still it only rendered 1 frame… interestingly enough, when i copied the global peg beneath the automatically created peg of the new file, it did have the name of the file where the global peg was dragged from… is there something special I should be doing? When I copy the 344 frame peg to the global library, I just highlight the parent peg and drag it… my thinking was that all the children beneath it and associated to it would be copied too…is that correct? anything you can do to straighten me out would be appreciated… thanks

The problem is probably that when you drag the peg to the library, it is expanded and then the drawings inside are not being inlcuded. Dragging an open peg will only save the peg and not the child elements. Close your peg that includes some drawings before dragging in the library.

If you export the full movie and the software renders one frame it is because the camera exposure is of one frame (default). The camera will extend its exposure automaticaly to display any visual elements but it won’t expand to pegs or effects. The camera ends when there is no more visual elements to display.

Hi -

again, thanks for the help… for some reason I cannot get the elements moved from the timeline to the global library and then into a new file and have it move will all the elements intact. after messing around with it for a couple of hours trying all kinds of things I decided to move the element cells from the exposure sheet by selecting cell 1 of the first column and cell 344 of the last column. I then dragged the cells to the global library. I opened a new file and dragged the global file into the timeline - To my surprise, it worked and all the elements appeared and ran… will wonders never cease? :slight_smile: Thanks again for your help and patience… d