Moving child peg forward on the Z plane moves parent peg with it

Hey guys, I’ve been going through the Rigging 2 course for Harmony. I’m on the Setting up the Core Rig module, activity 4 and have been stuck for a couple days now. When I try and adjust the Z-Position of the characters lower arm peg (hand and forearm), it also adjusts its parent peg’s z value (the entire arm). But when I look at the Coord. and Control Points tab for the parent peg, it still displays the z value as 0 even though it has clearly shifted.

Any idea what I could be doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated!

Try setting the composite node to “pass through” that the hand and forearm are going into.
If that doesn’t help contact support and provide access to the zipped project folder so
that they can examine your project.

Yep exactly what I needed, knew it was gonna be something so simple. Thankyou, appreciate it!