Moving camera skips and stutters

i have several animated sequences in a project that involved various camera pans, trucks, and zooms…once exported, SOME, not all of them playback very choppy. I have tried various methods of exporting and the same scenes playback very choppy no matter what. The choppiness appears to happen in scenes where the camera moves slower…has anyone ever had this problem?

I get a choppy-ness when I slowly change the scale of objects – not even using cameras. It’s like it smoothly grows for 3 frames, then the placement jumps, then 3 smooth again, then a jump., etc. It’s extremely frustrating, so if anyone has a suggestion, please let me know.

Yeah…I have had it happen while animating the scaling of objects as well. But it doesnt always happen…for example, I will scale a bitmap image (imported and vectorized) and animated the size changing maybe three or four times…then 20 frames later do it again, and it will skip as the item grows or shrinks. There’s got to be a simple solution…I just havent found it yet.