moving body parts


it seems that i need a little help with my animation and i hope the question is fitting here.

i animated a character who is first walking straigh ahead to the camera and then he is turning right and continues walking.
my character is a cut-out-character but i animated the walking frame by frame and during the first part (walks straight to the camera)everything is working
but when i want to set his walking path for the second part of the walk in the side/top view, some bodyparts (head,arms) are moving in a different way than the others, even if they are all belonging to the same peg.

i uploaded a screenshot where you can see the displaced arms … i hope that helps.


From what I can see in the top view, the problem is that your body parts are at different depths (different Forward/Back value).

Since the layers are laid out in 3D space, if objects are at different depths, they will move at different speeds when they move sideways. This is the parallax effect that gives the impression of 3D.

To fix this, change the values in the F/B offset field of the layers’ Properties to the same value.

thanks for your help so far, i changed the forward/backward value of every layer to 0 and now no part gets displaced, BUT now, like i thought, my layers aren’t ordered in the right way anymore.
the torso is placed in front of the arm and so on and thats what i thought i needed the changing of the offset values for.
because i can’t just drag and drop the arms-layer in the timeline on top of the torso-layer because its a part of it.
with all the layers who are not a part of it, like the legs, it works of course

so how do i manage it to get back my old order.
or is it just not possible to move my character sideways AND arrange the layers in a random order? ;D

When the layers have the same F/B value, the order is determined by the order in the timeline.

If it is not possible to change the order in the timeline, a trick is to change the F/B value but by very small amounts (such as 0.01). These will be too small to see but the order will be correct.