Moving art from Line layer to Underlay

Hey everybody,

recently just started diving into harmony premium knocking out short looping animations. I want to do it the correct way by sketching on the underlay art layer and then tracing it on the line art layer and coloring on the color art layer. However, Ive already roughed out the entirety of my animation on the Line art layer.

Can I move the entirety of what i’ve drawn from the line art layer to the underlay art layer or am I screwed and should just do a clean ink job in another drawing layer?

Any assistance will be so appreciated. Thanks!

Hi , did you test the cutter tool (Alt+T)?

you can cut and paste in the new layer with this .

You should use the Select Tool to cut and paste between layers (i.e. Underlay Art, Colour Art, Line Art, Overlay Art layers)

Grab the art while in the Line Art layer then switch to the target layer of choice and paste it there.

Cmd X (Cut)
Cmd V (Paste)

The Cutter Tool has the potential of cutting up your art.

The Select Tool will keep it whole.

You’ll have to do it one drawing at a time (using the select tool, selecting the whole art, then cutting and pasting, as mentioned above). But you can also just call that layer “rough” and create a new one for the clean (using, of course, the line art layer). It’s nice to have the rough on the underlay because that way you have less layers on your timeline, but using separate drawing layers has it’s advantages also: it’s easier/more intuitive to turn off the rough once you finish the clean and you can always use the underlay layer of the clean drawing for some purpose, such as an effect.

Luis Canau