moving around onion skins or current frame with Shift and Trace tool problem

I watched a toon boom webinar video that tells you that you can move around drawings or onion skins of the drawing with Shift and Trace tool.
It says that the drawing you move around with Shift and Trace tool won’t be saved, since it’s just a temporary action for aligning drawings.

But it is impossible for me to do that on my toon boom project. Drawings stay in the position as I move with Shift and Trace tool. I can’t even select onion skin frames with the tool either.
Is there any other specific settings I should make to operate the action ?

Please help me!

Do the drawings still stay in where you shifted them to after you click the 'disable/enable shit and trace" button in the tool properties?


It is a bit tricky before you get to understand it.

Have you read this?

Thank you for the link!

But I’m still having a same problem.
I followed what it says on the link but It won’t still move around onion skins. Also, when I move a drawing on a current frame with the tool, position of the drawing won’t go back to it’s original spot.

Hi huibin,

I hope this message finds you well, are you still having issues?

Can you upload a screenshot or contact us at

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