Moving all art layers

Is there a way to move a drawing’s all art layers at once? (By art layers I mean the Line art Overlay and Underlay art layers). And if there is, is it possible to move all selected drawing layers, along with all of their art layers?

You can move everything by adding a peg and use it to move all layers connect to it, as you might know, but I suppose you want to move the art itself in the drawing.

If you select “Apply To Line Art And Colour Art” on the Select Tool properties (last button on Select Tool Options) and then switch to the Reposition All Drawings tool (hidden in the Select Tool button) you will be able to move, rotate, etc., all art layers at once. Doing it on a single operation by selecting several layers I’m not sure it is possible, but you can do it, at least, via the X-Sheet View, by sending all the layers you want to affect to the ‘Desk’ (there’s a button on the X-Sheet View and you can also alt+click selected drawings).