Moving a template object

How do I drag a template object (say a car) from one place on the scene page (Left side) to another (right side)?

i’ve been driving myself crazy for the past 3 hours trying to figure out the same thing. :slight_smile: supposedly your supposed to use the motion tool, however, whenever I click on it, nothing happens!! either I’m doing something wrong, or the program I download has bugs. I have toonboom 5.

hope this helps…

I’ve been having the same problems you’ve been having. I found that before I try to animate anything click on the little black camera Icon to the right of your window (clicking on “camera” on the timeline never works for some reason"

by this time I hope you have drawing or grouped your figure in. :slight_smile:

WHen you have clicked on your camera icon it should bring up your camera display.
Now go to the left hand of your screen and select the transform tool. (the box with all the tiny boxes outlined around it. :slight_smile:

now, it should be highlighted by a darkblue square with little hollow squares outlining it.

now select your drawing and just nudge it a little to where you want the first frame to be.

once you’ve taken your fingers off the mouse you’ll find that the key frame has been already made for you.

now you can left click on the frame of the time line…extend exposure and type how many frames you “think” you want :)…slide the tool bar to what frame you want the 2nd key to be.

then click on your graphic and slide it to wherever you want on the screen, and again once you’ve taken your fingers off the mouse, look at the tool bay and the 2nd key is made for you. Then go and play/loop your finished results

The whole key to this is clicking on your camera icon before you animate ANYTHING!!! and don’t get your transform tool (which is what you use to shoot keys) mixed up with your select tool!

I hope this helps. it took me about two days to figure this out…yes, even after reading a slew of tutorials and watching more of them on youtube. Some people, when writing instructions for every program tend to leave some things out making it even harder for us noobs.

I don’t want to animate. I put the car in the wrong place on the frame and want to move it to another location. How?

Use the select tool (6) while in camera view to position objects for your scene prior to keyframing. The select tool is not for animating but rather it is a set up tool for placing objects to start the scene. Think of it as putting your props or actors on their starting marks on a stage before you raise the curtain. Read this tutorial to get a better understand of the differences between drawing view and camera view THE BASICS PART 2

On a separate note, I’m reading a lot of griping about incomplete tutorials etc. or remarks like don’t send me to read tutorials for answers. I know there are hundreds of TBS users that have successfully learned most of these techniques from my tutorials. I see and hear about their successes all the time. My suspicion is that the people who are complaining aren’t really reading them. I covered all these questions, I’m seeing posted, many times in the Cartooning In Toon Boom tutorials. I can’t speak for YouTube videos, I never watch them, but my tutorials are super detailed and complete and just require being read. Beyond that, I have spent years answering questions here on the forums and via e-mail. There is nothing intuitive about TBS, you have to understand classical animation techniques as well as how to translate those techniques from the physical world to the virtual world and that was and is why I wrote all those tutorials. -JK

So basically when I put Li Lee on the screen she is in the center. I want to put my pointer on her (like a move tool in Photoshop) and drag her the left side of the frame. I can’t do that without being some kind of animation specialist???

I just want to position icons, templates or what ever on the frame where I want them in relation to other objects.

How do I go from Camera view back and forth, and where is the move tool (6??) ?

There are two ways to switch between camera view and drawing view. First, you can use the top line menu commands Window>Camera View and Window>Drawing View.

Second, on in the upper right hand corner of the main workspace window there is a set of 4 icons stacked vertically. In order from top to bottom those icons represent Drawing View, Camera View, Side View and Top View. So clicking on the desired icon will switch the view for that main window.

The tool used for scene level positioning of objects is on top of the Scene Planning tools pallette on the left side of the Camera View. It’s keyboard short cut is key 6. You can also select this from the top line menu Tools>Sceneplanning Tools >Select

You don’t have to be some kind of animation specialist to learn to use TBS, but it is extremely helpful to spend some time learning the fundamentals of how animation was done prior to using computer software because the computer software functions in a similar fashion. It was designed to virtualize those physical world processes and techniques. If you will take the time to read the tutorials I have provided you will see that I use that analogy of the physical world and the virtual world throughout. It is important to understand that TBS is a tool set. But like any tools, they are more valuable and more useful if you understand the craft behind using them. TBS facilitates making animation, but it doesn’t teach you how to animate or how to create animated movies. Those are craft skills that must be learned. In my tutorials I try to bridge the gaps between using the tools and applying those craft skills. -JK

I don’t see any of that stuff. I am using trial version 1.5. Can I send you a screen shot?


Are you trying to use Toon Boom Studio or some other software. If you can’t see what I described, I can’t help you. This forum is for Toon Boom Studio users. If you are using Toon Boom Studio then be sure you go to Window>Workspaces>Default just in case you have done something strange to the workspace set-up. -JK

Toon Boom Story Board 1.5 trial.

The first step in getting started in using TB Storyboard is to go to the correct forums to ask your questions. Best of Luck -JK


OK got it. Was stressed as I only have 10 days to decide to buy or not and it wasn’t working.

As a side note, JK thank you so much for all your tutorials and the dedication you have to answer questions on the forums. It’s users like you that make this community work! Thanks a lot!