moving a project to another computer


When I try to transfer a project from my home computer to my work computer, I get an error message saying a file “is related to a drawing an could not be found.” No imported files are transferable. This occurs whether I try emailing the file or transferring it on CD. I searched the forum for this issue, haven’t found the fix yet. I’m on a Mac using TBS4.


To transfer a project from one Mac computer to another, copy the icon project.tbpd, that is a folder generated at the selected location when you had recorded the project. This contains all local files to open the project. (In PC you can see it as a folder, not as icon.)

If you want to view the contents of this folder make control + click on the icon.tbpd, opens a menu in which you must select: Show Package Contents. This file contains several folders: Scenes (with bitmaps and Drawings), Sound (all imported), Templates (all local templates) and Textures (all imported bitmap textures). As You can see, all these files make up the project content.
If you want transfer global library files, you must copy the global library files placed in the computer 1 in the global library of the computer 2 so that they are available in this one. The same can be done with color palettes that has exported for use in other projects, copy this folder in the computer 2 and then, import into the color palette, the color palettes previously created. I hope that is not very complicated.
Best Regards. Yoryo

Thanks very much, Yoryo. I sure appreciate it!