moving a project from version 5 to version 4.2


recently i moved a sbp 5 project to 4.2 ,
the project did opened but it seems that moving threw the timeline , about every 2 panel there is a blank panel ,
all the layers are there but the camera view show blank white background .

when i export to a movie , the video is flickering between draw panels and blank frames.

Please Help ,
it is extremely important for me

Thanks ,

Unfortunately Storyboard Pro files aren’t fully backwards compatible between full numbered versions. 5 and 5.1 files will work on one another and a 2, or 4 or 4.1 file will work on 5 and 5.1. But 5.1 will not work 100% correctly on SBP4 and 2, and 4 won’t work on 2 either. there were too many changes to the way the program functions to make it work that easily. The fact you got any panels to work is great, the difference between 2 and 4 was unworkable. Just the nature of the beast that you buy into when joining the Storyboard Pro environment unfortunately. It was even worse when some animation studios had their own custom numbered versions of SBP, made things a nightmare.