Moving a cloned layer

I’m halfway through creating an animation and I’m just about to add shadows. Problem is, I’ve done something which is preventing me moving cloned/duplicated layers with the transform tool. It’s probably something obvious but I’m not sure what.

I can still move other layers with the tool and previously cloned layers but any new ones I clone I can’t move. I can skew/rotate/etc. with the transform tool but the movement arrows don’t even appear when I hover over the cloned layer. Any advice welcome, like I say, I’m sure it’s something obvious.

Edit - I can move the cloned layers but only when I hover over the central control point.

Another edit - I can’t move any of the control points on a quadmap layer in this animation either.

What is the graphics card on your machine? This sounds like there might be a graphics issue here.

Are you able to move with the Move tool? Is it just the transform tool that is acting up?

Toon Boom Support

Hi Lilly, thanks for the reply.

Not a problem now - I think it was down to me cloning a layer inside a shadow effect but all’s fine on that front now.