Moving a character after rigging with Bones

Greetings, sorry if this has been asked before or if there’s a tutorial for it somewhere (that I must have missed), but I have a question.

After I rig my character with bones, once I try to move it using the transformation tool, therig modules stay in the same place and that ruins the animation as they mess up the articulation points.

So my question is, is there a way to also move them around, along with the limbs [in this case]?

Thanks in advance

did you attach all the drawings in your rig or nodes to pegs? you should animate the Pegs not the drawings, and in the rigging tutorial it says to deselect in preferences Element Node Animate Using Animation Tools Default Mode Value before making your rigged character, I’m sure you set the Pivot points with the Translate tool so your pivots work as planned,
as far as the rig nodes or modules you have to go node view and parent them in a hierarchy with the option to rearrange and still have the rig work properly watch this tutorial to get all the information

Well I dont really have much of an issue with those, I already practiced and things went alright, I guess.

But what I’m using is bones, and what I wanna do is move the body in an up/down fashion to emulate the force/recoil used when walking, thing is, this is how the arm looks like normally, and when I move the body , the bone doesnt move along and this is what happens

I want to know if I’ mmising something or if there’s something I’m not getting. I could move the bone myself, but, I’d rather it move along with everything else to maintain position

I hope that makes sense

This is a short and simple explanation of the process. You may catch something you have missed. Keep in mind that Jon is using Harmony 11 for this and there are some changes in 12. Make sure you have the 12.1 update installed. It restored a few missing Deforming Tool elements from 11.