movie making

Hey guys!I just started getting around with TBS,I’ve already made one short on 2D traditional and used AE for the editing,now I want to try TBS,but I want to ask u what possibilities I have from artistic point.I mean,I don’t want it to look like the Flinstone or Dexter,but more like old Disney and Ghost in The Shell(I know it sound absurd):smiley:
Thanx ::slight_smile:

Hi Gitta,

If you got the talent you should be able to pull out some very impressive stuff with Toon Boom Studio. The only thing you you might be missing are special effects such as blurs/glows which are currently available only in our higher end software.

Else then that it is pretty much only the style and the time you want to invest in your project which will do the difference.

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toon boom is just a tool. its ur skills that can make ur movies awsome. ive seen videos made on toon boom studio that looks better than some of animations iv seen on TV :stuck_out_tongue: and if u really want to look at the quaility of it all. just look at the showcase this site has, and look ut studio’s stuff. minos is the best one i think. :slight_smile:


Can we see what you did? If you don’t mind