Movie File Size

Hello,When I export a file to a movie (.swf) my file size is 1.5 MB. However, when I export the same file to movie (.mov) the file size grows to be 75MB.Is there something I should be doing or I should be aware of when exporting files to .mov file types to prevent the file size from becoming soooooo large?Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Many thanks in advance,~ Dave

Hello,Thank you for the quick reply. I followed your suggestions and was able to reduce the file size from 74 MB to 14 MB.That’s a nice improvement and so I’ll keep after it and see what else works to reduce it. Perhaps there’s something in the sound / audio compression settings that could help shave off a little?I’ll post an update if I find something worth sharing.Again, thank you for your help.Till next time, take care,Dave

The reason that export to swf is lighter is because swf is a vector format. With a bitmap format like Quicktime, it saves one image for every frame, so it is always going to be larger.

What you can do is you can try to change the compression settings to a lower quality, or you can lower the size of your export.

If you click on the Movie Options button, you could try to set it to H.264, keyframe: All, and lower the quality and see if it lowers your file size.