Movie Export Settings uneffective

Hi, I’m running TB Animate Pro 2 on 10.5.8.

Every time I export a movie. TB never follows the settings I choose. It’s always: full size, original frame rate, Apple Animation Millions+.

Please advise. Thanks in advance!

True, the Codec is switchable. I didn’t even try that because I usually render with the Animation Codec but at a smaller size in order to compress it in Quicktime for upload.

I find it weak that there are no custom export resolutions. - This should be a given. The fact that there is a dialog box that’s not working is rather embarrassing.


There are some things that are taken from the Quicktime dialog box, and others that are overridden by your project. The size is always defined by the size in your Scene Settings dialog, so you can’t change it in the Quicktime dialog. We can’t choose to hide certain elements of this dialog, since the dialog is generated by Quicktime itself.

Same thing with the frame rate. The frame rate will always be defined by your Scene Settings dialog.

For the codec, this is definitely something you should be able to change. If you go to Movie Options, video settings, then you can select other codecs from the dropdown list.


The dialogue box is created automatically by Quicktime, so there’s nothing that we can do to limit it. You can of course create as many custom resolutions as you want to from your Scene Settings dialog, and use those resolutions to export.