Movie doesn't fill the Player window

When I export the scene (5.3 Frog enters house)––it opens as a .html movie (Flash movie I’m assuming). At the upper edge of the online player I can see the upper edge of the rectangle that contains the “night sky” gradient. (i.e., The night sky does not fill the whole player window.) NOTE: I am creating the animation using the NTSC SD format.

Still according to my draw grid and camera view everything looks fine, i.e., the rectangle extends beyond the grid.

What is your scene resolution/camera size? File > Animation Properties

What is your version of TBS? Help > About or Toon Boom Studio > About

What format are you exporting to? If to swf flash, it is possible that some gradient may not appear, but support would have to look at this for you.

Try exporting to .mov to see if it appears as it should.

Please post your feedback.