Movie Clip in toonboom

??? I was just wondering if there is way in toonboom that you could create a movie clip like symbol… similar to that of flash?

Thanks in advance!!

Hello. In Toon Boom Studio you can save in the library a selection of one or more elements such as animated template, and then re-use it, being able to edit their content in template editing mode. Each time you re-use a template by dragging it to the timeline, it will appear with all its individual elements as was the original version. Containing all the elements on a peg, it can collapse to simplify the timeline. You can read about the use of use of the library and how to edit templates in Toon Boom User Guide. I hope it useful. Yoryo

thanks a lot yoryo… im searching on “pegs” right now and trying to learn them… thanks again! ;D

TBS does not have or support Flash movie clips. In Flash a movie clip is a special type of symbol that is free running seperate from the main timeline. Also TBS templates are not the same as Flash graphic symbols. A TBS template is exactly as named a “template” so that when it is added to a project scene it is added as a copy of that template as it exists at the time it is added. Unlike a Flash symbol, editing a template, after it has been copied to a project’s timeline, has no effect on any prior copies only on future copies made from that template. Editing or changing the copy made from a template has no effect on the source template.

To learn more about pegs I suggest that you read the following.

The Peg

To learn more about the Library and templates read this:

Library and Templates


Thanks very much for a very detailed explanation jk… i have downloaded some manuals… will be reading them then i’ll attempt my first animation :slight_smile:

Thanks again!