Movie and PNG exports blurry! Need sharp renders

I am having an issue getting sharp, clean edged renders from Animate, either trying to make a quicktime, or a PNG image sequence. My project settings are a custom 350 x 350 pixel, 30 fps project with 1.000 aspect ration. When I render my hand drawn character, it appears very fuzzy and blurred at 100% size ( whether from a Animation compressed full quality render, or a PNG sequence render). A Flash image sequence render or Quicktime render does not give me such antialiased blurring. Is there a way to keep my output art super sharp, like the quality I can achieve from Flash? Thanks everyone, this is driving me crazy!

- Eric

I would imagine it’s because your resolution is so low. If you exported it to a .swf it would probably remain sharp and clear.

Are the renders pixelated or blurry?

The resulting images are blurry, definitely not pixelated. Even with a lower resolution, I should still have a screen resolution equivalent to 72 dpi that would appear crisp, with clean edges and clear definition. Icon art is smaller than what I am making and still has clean edges/ non blurry. And sadly I cannot use swfs in my project, only image renders or quicktime movies.

Is there no way to increase the accuracy and appearance of the render? I have looked through project settings and Animate preferences and while the open GL rendering I can make look fantastic, the renders re always sub par. It’s as if anything under 720 wide will look blurry, too soft at the edges.

You can turn down the antialiasing on the drawing layers. If you double-click on a drawing layer, then go to the Advanced tab, turn the antialiasing down to Low.