Move Peg pivot

In a drawing layer you can reposition the drawing pivot with the tool and at the same time the pivot for the transformation tools will be on the same position.

But with the Peg layer you have to to drag the pivot to the new position. sometimes when you are zoomed in that one is outside of your view and you have to “search” for it. Often it´s in the center I guess but is it any way you can reposition the peg pivot by click + press a key?

/ Mattias

Enable the “Apply Embedded Pivot on Parent Peg” option.

I wll have to check how this effects the work.

As I see it is a setting in the drawing layer.
If you have a peg with lets say 3 drawing do you need to enable this on all layers or how does it work?

/ Mattias

Hi Mattias,

You want to enable it only on one of the three drawing layers. If you enable it on all three, the system create either an average or addition (not sure which one) of the values and the pivot will be off.


I understand.
So if you have a Head PEG and inside there is a face drawing layer and a few other drawing layers its best to enable the face drawing which is the main object there.

/ Mattias

For my personal workflow it turned out that the best solution is to have one peg for each drawing (with the “Apply Embedded Pivot on Parent Peg” option enabled).
But on the other hand, my method might change a bit whith the new synced layers feature.


Yes, I understand many user have a peg layer for every drawing-layer.
Is the mainreason for that that you can set k-frames to the peg as well as the drawing-layer or what is the benefits of having a peg for every drawing layer?

/ Mattias

Thanks for your info.
/ Mattias

I use a peg for every drawing layer in ordrer to separate the transformation animation from the drawing itself. I find that it’s easer to handle transformation keys and image swaps separately when they are not on the same level.
That for I also disable the “Animate Using Animation Tools” property of the drawing layers.