move multiple layer contents in camera view

I have layers 1, 2, 3. They are parented to a peg. I want re-align the layers to the peg. When I click tools from the motion tools area it seems to move the layers object plus the peg. I can click the main select tool at the top and move a single layers objects independently of the peg but my drawing is broken down into multiple layers and moving then independently makes for a drudgerous task. Is there a way to select multiple layers and move them independently of the parenting peg?

Hi…although the drawings are attached to a parent peg, you can use the transform tool to create movement of those drawings independently of the peg. To do this, select the drawings, place the red cell-frame cursor on the frame where you want to start the movement and add a keyframe (i). Place the cursor on the frame where you want the movement to end and add a keyframe.
Use the transform tool to select the drawings that you want to move and make your motion as needed. Then you can select the peg layer and add keyframes to create motion that will be applied on top of what you just did.

Please post results.

I’m looking for instruction on how to align multiple layers to the peg’s motion path. The path thats displayed when you select the pegs layer. The one with circles at either end with the ticks.

Lets say I have a layer parented to a peg. I can reposition the drawing on that layer to be directly over the pegs motion path. What I want to know is how to align multiple layers at once over the pegs motion path. A nudge works when you only have a few layers but when you have 20 its very time consuming.

So basically how can I move multiple layers to realign them over the pegs motion path. (not move to create motion but move to realign their origin)

If all the layers are children of a parent peg then the easiest way to move all layers in sync is to collapse the top level parent peg. (this visually hides all the children) If the parent is expanded you can select and adjust layers individually yet if the parent is collapsed then anything you do to the parent reflect down on all the children in sync. Collapsing a parent peg does more than just hide elements to save visual timeline space, it is actually a control switch to allow sync over the children of the parent. Hope this helps -JK

PS. you only want to animate using the motion tool or the transform tool, you never animate using the select tool. The select tool is only for initial positioning of an element on the stage prior to any animating. Using the select tool after you start key framing will produce disastrous results.

thank you for this insight about the collapse/expand. I feel this will help immeasurably. It’s a difficult program to master and I think you’ve just saved me a couple of weeks at least of frustrated headbanging :slight_smile:

Thank again,