Move Mass Amounts of Frames Quickly in Timeline

I work with animations that are 4000 frames long. When we translate our animation to another language, I usually have to move keyframed actions further down the timeline. The way I currently have to do this is to left click the uppermost character rig’s layer at frame 600, hold shift, move the timeline bar to the end of the animation, left click on the lowest layer, move the timeline slider back to see frame 600, move all the selected frames to frame 640 and then repeat this process many more times. I would love it if there were a way to simply stay on frame 600, left click the top most layer, hold shift, left click the lowest layer, right click, choose “Select all layers to end of scene” and then move the selection. This would save me a lot of time sliding back and forth from the middle of the animation to the end. Another option could be to improve the split screen view of the timeline.

When I first discovered the split view of the timeline, I thought it might be able to solve this problem. I expected that if I clicked in one place on the left split screen, held shift and clicked in another place on the right split screen, it would select all the frames in between. I try this and it never gives consistent or expected results. Sometimes it ends up selecting all frames from the beginning of the timeline, sometimes it only selects frames between keyframes in one view. It’s very inconsistent and I wonder if it’s simply a bug. If it worked how I hoped, I could leave one split view in the middle of the timeline and one at the end and I could quickly select everything from the middle to the end and then move it.

Toon Boom software is THE BEST and fixing this stuff will make it even better for me.

I agree: for example, in 3d animation applications such as Cinema4d, Blender, Lightwave, and others, the user may open as many timelines as required, at any zoom factor and scrubber position. Selecting keyframes and repositioning these is very consistent and easy to do this way.

3D animation applications are much more flexible and accommodating in regards to usability of timelines. In more ways than just in this, as a matter of fact.

I noticed I can open multiple graph editors in OpenToonz as well, with different views and zoom levels - which would be helpful with moving large sections of sequences. I do not have access to TB at home, and I never tried to open multiple graph editors in Harmony - perhaps you could attempt to open multiple graph editors in TB?

At least in Harmony 14, you can split the view in the timeline to cut from one window and paste in the other, but the functionality between selecting in one, holding shift and clicking into the next does not work.