move drawing from underlay to line art?

If I accidentally draw in the underlay layer, is there a way to move it to the line art layer

If it’s only a few drawings, on each one go to the underlay layer and Edit>Select All Drawing Objects>Copy and then Edit>Cut to clear the layer. Then go to the line art layer and Edit>Paste to paste it into the layer.|Toon%20Boom%20Animate%203%20User%20Guide|Chapter%204%3A%20Drawing|Selecting%20Drawing%20Objects|_____0

Depending on how many drawings you have it might just be easier to keep them where they are unless you’re doing an effect that requires a certain layer order or handing the files off to somebody else that needs specific ordering

Thanks! It is a few drawings. I’ll make sure I keep an eye on it next time to not waste time and layers.