Move a layer in timeline without selecting all frames - can you do that?

If you want to move an layer in the timeline so far I have selected the frames and drag then to the new frame but it would be easier if you just could press one frame hold down a key and drag the intire layer back or forth. Is this function avaible?

Hey mattiasgordon,

When you say “moving the layer in the timeline”, do you mean changing the exposure of the drawing? If so, you can use the shortcuts + and - to either extend or decrease the exposure of the drawing on that particular layer.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions.


I was more thinking of moving the entire layer. like you do with a clip in an editing software. Just click and drag if you want to move i all.

Hi mattiasgordon,

At the moment, you have to specify which frames you are trying to move by selecting them all.
Another option is to have an empty frame before the sequence of frames you are trying to move and hit the + key to push all of the sequence by one frame every time.

If you would like, you can head to our Feature Request board and post your suggestion, detailing the way you would like it to work as much as possible:

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Hi I am new to the forum and using the arcsoft showbiz 3.5 and come across a problem. I have just digitised some old cine film of mine and using arcsoft showbiz 3.5 to edit it. The problem is on the timeline I have created the whole story board almost ready to produce the film BUT big BUT I have forgot to add a couple of clips to the timeline, I have them on the end of the timeline is there anyway I can move them along to the selected area they need to be at without just moving them one at a time till the clips are in the right place. The story board is about 35 mins long. Hope sombody can help. Thanks in advance