mov to dvd

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Any have a technique or know of a software program that will take a tb mov file and export it out to a dvd? thanks in advance, dan

I have a PC that came with “Windows Movie Maker” as a freebie.
You can assemble different MOV exported scenes and burn dvd with this application.

You can also check out ULEAD…TBS recommend this for creating dvd’s.

I’m not sure if these are the best …its just what I’ve been exposed to …let us know if you find anything better.

IF you don’t want any fancy menu then you could try this freeware app:

menu’s are not supported - as yet, but subitles and a load of formats are.

I use it to import .flv’s etc.

hi guys -

Thanks for the info and sorry for not getting back sooner as I was busy trying out your suggestions … the windows movie maker would not recognize either my swf or mov files and the ULead, after installing just sat looking at me like i had six heads… downloaded the dvdflick and you were right, no real bells and whistles, but it did the trick … took me a while to figure out what the heck was going on with it as it is not really intuitive … yep, finally had to resort to the manual … as I struggled my way through making little progress after little progress, finally came down to doing the burning and my burner crashed and burned … bought another one and to my surprise, Visat accepted it :slight_smile: … got the dvd burned and it is on its way to my client … thank you both for your help, it was greatly appreciated… dan

Windows Movie Maker will accept AVI files.
Hey, does anybody who uses Windows movie maker know if you can export your final edited movie at 720x540? I export from TBS at 720x540 and windows movie maker exports it out as 720x480, and that change really makes the quality of my finished output look crappy. I’ve been thinkin about gettin Adobe Premiere Elements 3, but yeah…I’m poor broke at the moment.

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regarding movie maker and the avi format … I avoided the avi format from TB because it seemed the quality was poor with regards to what I experienced with .swf and .mov formats… are you seeing the same or do you have some settings you incorporate that up the quality before you do the export? I ask this because I have a client that wants to use movie maker and as yet, I have not found a suitable conversion program that delivers good quality… thanks, Dan

Did I say Windows Movie-Maker made DVD with MOV? I’m sorry I meant AVI …I did this myself and it worked great! However, you made a valid point regarding the quality. The trick is to get the AVI file exported properly from TBS. I can’t really explain this …but here is the trick. When I exported the AVI file from TBS and play back (immediately) with TBS player …it looks horrible. But the same file played back through Windows Media Player can look much better and will be how it appears after you’ve made your DVD and playback through whatever software or device.

Now, you have to try different export settings in TBS to get it right …and that just takes time.
Try for example DV/DVCPRO-NTSC and set the quality to “HIGH” or “BEST”, scan mode = interlaced and Aspect Ratio = 4:3

Also you might want to get one of those re-writable CD’s where you can erase and re-write as you try to get the best format!

But what I do before burning anything is playback the AVI file using Windows Media-Player. That will tell me how the final product will look.

Finally, notice how for example a movie looks different compared to one of those daily SOAP operas? I’m sure some of the more technical people here can better explain this. Well Moviemaker tend to give your final product that movie feel, much to my surprise.

Ulead should work as well …however it has much more bells and whistles than movie-maker and this may be part of why its not working for you. As they try to pack more and more in this software I wouldn’t be surprised that its changed a lot compared to last year when I used it.