Mouths keep moving after lipsync (Newbie question?)

Hi all,

I’m having this problem and it’s driving me crazy!
I drew all the mouthpieces for the mouthchart for a character, it looks good.
Then, I import sound and run lipsync. Now the mouthpieces are all over the place!

I can’t see how to fix this, I tried to drag the mouthpieces with the " select" tool, the " reposition all drawings" tool and with the “transform” tool.
Sometimes it seems to work, but than somehow frames get moved when I change a mouthpiece in another frame.

Is there a way to fix this? to select all the drawings on different keyframes and sort of center them?

I am sorry if this is a newbie question, tried to look on the forum but could not see a direct answer.

Thanks for your time!

So to clarify, here’s a couple of screens:

This is what happens after the lip sync to the mouth (beak)

Is there a way to fix this?