Mouth Shapes/Symbol Question

So I’ve got all my mouth shapes for the TBA phonemes and each layer is labeled the appropriate label (A-G, X)… What’s the best way to make this a symbol/template and keep the labeling so that when I sync this mouth the mapping is done?

I’m sure it’s simple and I’m missing something, but do I just make each mouth it’s own layer in the symbol or is it all on one layer, just different frames? If they each need to be a layer, do they need to be on different frames or all on the first frame?

Okay, after a lot of frustration I figured out that you can actually name drawings, not just layers… so I put all the mouth shapes in one layer and named them correctly. Then I dropped the symbol onto the layer and… couldn’t get it to work. I eventually just copied the mouth layer out of the symbol and onto the main timeline… so much for making use of symbols - I imagine that if the mouth symbol had been inside of the head symbol that it would have also not worked… so that kinda sucked. Am I missing something here?

I purchased this software mainly due to its auto lip-sync abilities (have used adobe stuff and anime), it’s a shame that there is no straightforward guide either as video or in the pdf manual of how to simply create your set of mouth shapes. There is much detail on how to use the mouth shape afterwards… seems odd to me. Anyway the skateboard tutorial is the closest you’ll get to an explanation, I say dump the skateboard tut and replace with a mouth shapes creator tut please. (do it before flash does).

I crashed this car recently :slight_smile:

Here are the steps I used to lip sync a symbol.

Create a symbol with your eight mouth shapes A-G and X. You don’t need to rename the frames as the MAP LIP SYNC OPTION uses the frame number.

Add your mouth shapes symbol to the timeline.

Add your dialog file and then right click the waveform on the timeline and choose LIPSYNC->AUTO LIP-SYNC DETECTION from the context menu.

After ANIMATE computes the lip-sync, again right click the waveform and choose LIPSYNC->MAP LIP-SYNC.

In the LIP-SYNC MAPPING dialog:

– Set SOURCE LAYER to the dialog file.

– Set DESTINATION LAYER to the layer with the mouth symbol.

–Set SYMBOLS IN LAYER to the layer with the mouth symbol.

The mapping field will update and show the frame numbers of the mouth symbol (A=1, B=2, etc.) Change the mapping, if necessary; for example, if your X mouth shape is frame 1.

Click OK and the mouth layer will be updated with the LIP-SYNC map created from the dialog file.

Maybe there could be a tutorial added using the ballerina for the creation of mouth shapes for lip-sync? Please. :-*