Mouth shape problem

I am trying to work my way through exercise 3 in the TBS Cut Out Character Workout with TBS V4.0 on my Mac G5 and have hit a snag. I have been trying to get past the mouth shape/lip-sync process which starts on page 39 of the pdf instructions. Damned if I can work out how to bring up the Lip Chart when I do not yet have any sound in my file. Also, if I follow the pdf settings I get a huge wide line when I attempt to draw in a new mouth shape. Could someone please lead me through this part of the exercise?
TIA Don Finlay

Sorry you are having this problem, but the solution is really easy although maybe not obvious from the instructions. Go to your timeline and add a sound element. You don’t need to actually import a sound file into this element but you do need to have at least an empty sound element so that you can access the sound edit panel. Once you add the sound element just right click on its track label and select EDIT SOUND… to open the sound editor and there you will find the lip chart. As to the size of your drawn line , be sure you select a pen size that matches the drawing size you want from the pen panel. I hope that helps. -JK

Thanks once again for solving my problem. This is the second or third time you have helped me out and the answer comes back the day after I ask the question. Don’t know how you have time to do your own work.
Thanks again, Don Finlay

You are most welcomed, we all try to contribute to the TBS community here because it is important to establish a place where other TBS users can go for advice and assistance. That is also why I write the Cartooning in Toon Boom blog. What goes around comes around, and I just want to do my part to help people as others helped me when I first started in animation many years ago. -JK

please am working on my first major project which is a music video. i cant seem to get the lip sync right. i,be read several posts and tutorials so i geuss the problem is am not drawing the mouth positions very well. will someone be kind enough to draw some for me or show a link to where i can get them. i need specifically what works with Toonboom. my email is

These resources may help you out -JK





Hey! I also have questions regarding TBS lip sync. You see, I saw many cartoons made in toon boom studio where they have the “L” and the “Th” mouth shapes. If I add the “L” sound shape in the exposure sheet in addition to the default 8, does that work, if not, how can I make it right?
Thanks! ???

You can add any amount of extra mouth shapes that you want. These extra shapes will not be mapped automatically by the Auto-Lip Sync detection. However, after the mapping is finished with the default shapes, you can go back and swap to the extra L shape manually. When the lip sync mapping occurs, it should not delete those extra mouth shapes, so you can swap them back in wherever you want them.