Mouth elements disappear

We are covering Lip Synch in my high school class of 28. Easy process but several computers do not show the mouth elements after lip synch mapping. The element is on the timeline but is just blank regardless of drawing or camera mode. Help!

To make the cel labels appear for your lipsynch sound mapping you need to right-click the audio file in the timeline and select “Modify Lip-Synch Mapping”. Make sure that the “Destination Element” is set to your mouth element.

By default the lip-synch mapped cel labels will use capital letters instead of numbers, you should either rename the mouth element’s cels to use the same letters or modify the mapping in the “Lip-Synch Mapping” window to be numbers instead of letters.

Also make sure that the mouth has been exposed for the entire length of the scene/ character. Sometimes if the character is closed up you can’t see the exposure of the character or all of its parts.