Mouth Disapears when applying lip synch.


I have also posted this question in your General Catagory, so sorry if you have already seen this. I have a problem with lip synch. When I apply the lip synch to my mouth element, the mouth animation disapears. It still shows on the timeline and element windows. I have looked to see if it is simply moved to the back, but I cannot find it. I have animated using this feature a while ago, but now for some reason, the mouth disapears. I have my peg only mode off and I have moved the pegs to the front, but still no mouth. Any ideas?



I am having the exact same issue. I see from your post that this was almost a year ago. I am on v3.5.1 and the issue still exists!!

Is there a fix for this? What gives?

I don’t know if this will help you, but HERE is the same person’s post from the General section which has been responded to and supposedly answered, at least he never responded back after the final offer of help. So we assumed it resolved his issue. -JK

i understand how to use modify lip-sync mapping to a drawing but when i tell it to do it to an imported image it disappears. the images are all named A through G and X and after it maps it i see them listed in the exposure sheet as if it worked. but all my frames are blank.


Make sure you use the proper casing for your images for I think the software take those in consideration. Also make sure to assign the sync to the proper element.

Else then that make sure you do not put the column name, just the drawing name (so if the column is Image and the drawing is shown as Image-1,Image-2… you will need to put 1,2… in the mapping).

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