Mouse Drawing Lines or Brushes Problem? (Fixed)

Hie all, So you have a problem on:

When you drawn(any Shapes) When you moved the mouse, The lined of your drawing doesn’t seems to follow unless you release it.

I explore all my computer setting. And also i try not to used Graphics Card if it is still working and indeed it is.

Note: These is for a person who really want to used ToonBoom. “Really” These maybe an old styles of your appearance, But the lower your appearance is, The faster your computer will be.

Go to Start> Right click on “My Computer”, Then select “properties”, then at the top left of the windows you will see some menus settings, Click on “Advanced System Settings”, you will see a pop up menu,
then at the top select “Advanced”, Under the “Performance” Tab click the “settings”. Then you will see a tons of options.
Click on “Visual Effects” and select the
“Adjust For Best Performance”.

You will notice your appearance will change depend on how fastest you PC is, If you haven’t have Graphics Card, I expect it will turned into Windows XP or maybe 98.

That’s all guys, I hope it will worked. No Hard feelings.

Theetx… :stuck_out_tongue: