mouse cursor stuck in auto pan continuous zoom mode

after a while using harmony the mouse cursor will get stuck in “Auto-Pan” mode. No matter which tool I select from the toolbar, the cursor stays the same. and sometimes even after i open the file again the problem return.

what can i do?

Hi Oryom,

A while back I had issues like that and it turned out it was my keyboard key that was physically sticky. The Space bar was slightly stuck, not very visibly, but enough that the temporary shortcut was enabled making my tool only the panning tool.

Could it be something like that?

(I always check this first before moving on to other possibilities)


shooting from the hip here, but i was asking about a different bug on the tvpaint forum and was told that cintiq’s second-newest driver would fix it, but to avoid cintiq’s very latest, newest driver, as it sometimes makes tvp software stick in ‘pan’ mode!
(btw- what is TBH ‘auto-pan’ mode? i don’t see it mentioned in the docs or online… is it a new 14 feature?)

Good morning,

There is a specific sequence that can cause this issue. Hitting the Space bar should unlock the issue.

With the Brush tool, if you hit this sequence:

  1. SPACE
  2. Hold down space SPACE and add CMD.
  3. Let go of SPACE.
  4. Then let go of CMD.

After this, the Hand tool is stuck.La main est stuck.

Hit the Spacebar to unlock it.

I hope this helps!