motion tween and shape tween

In flash I used shapte tween to transition a shape. For example a circle and over the next 10 frames transition to a square. How can I shape tween an object over time? PS I don’t want to draw each frame manually.

check out the bone animation feature available in version 6.0. It is useful in doing morphing style work. -JK

…otherwise the Morphing feature in Animate can do the shape transition
best, debbie.

Since I am struggling with in betweening, perhaps I can jump in here. I watched a tutorial for Animate on how to do this, but perhaps one cannot do it in TBS 6?
I have 6 different drawings of a face. In each of them the face is changing, the mouth is gaping wider etc. So what I want to do is to create a tweening between the different faces. From face-1 to face-2 etc.
So I add the faces to a peg. Then I highlight face-2 to face-6 and move those forward to say, frame 30. I can see the line appearing, showing that I have an in-betweening. Then I repeat this step with face-3 to face-6. Move forward. Then face-4 to 6. Forward. Etc.
But what happens isn’t what I saw in that video. There is no movement between the different faces. I mean face-1 isn’t slowly moving to face-2 etc.

If this isn’t possible in TBS6, do I have to transform each face? Still, that would not be perfect as it would create a “jump” when it changes from face-1 to 2.

Any helpful suggestions?