motion previously set appears in slow motion

Hi all. I was just painting a background and I did something that set my characters (separate elements in front) into a slow motion when I playback. This has happened to me previously as well. I have alot of keyframes for an up and down motion(the characters are rapidly jumping up and down). Now when I play it it looks they’re moving at 6 frames per second rather than 12 per second. Anybody know why this would be?

This sounds like you are bogging down the rendering engine. This can be caused by too many interpolations having to be calculated simultaneously or it can also be caused by excessive use of the pencil or other line generating tools which TBS does not tolerate well. It also may be that your workstation has insufficient graphics memory for the load you are applying. You may need to adjust your video rendering settings.

Brush strokes are rendered more easily than lines. Try rendering the animation out in a final format not just quick preview and see if the results are the same. -JK

You were right. I’ll try and stick more to brushes. It plays out fine once I export it. Thanks. matt