motion paths

Hey im new to TBS and am having trouble with motion paths / tweening.

Ive created a ball that i want to bounce along the screen.
When i go into screen planning mode.
and create a peg and then move it ontop of my drawing then attach my drawing to it the drawing moves to the left side off the screen :frowning:

How do i stop this.

This may have something to do with where the ball sits on the screen in Drawing View… did you draw it centered on the origin–dead center in the field guide grid?

I’ve experienced the same thing and I really can’t remember what I did about it–maybe nothing, but it seems like it had to do with that issue. Not really sure. Let me know if that works.

No i drew the ball near the left of the document edge, and then dragged the red circle ontop of it.

Does anybody know what ive done wrong?

THanks - - Josh


Hmmmm. I haven’t encountered this personally. I’ve not had any problems with the motion paths but I don’t use them a whole lot - yet.

If I do run across it I’ll try a few things to see if I can help out.